Wednesday, January 6, 2010

AFC leader Raphael Trotman joins call for return of Mo Fire, Slow Fire on TV programme.

On last Sunday evening's Walter Rodney Groundings TV programme WPA Executive and Buxton resident, Deon Abrams called for the return of the PNC campaign of terror, 'more fire, slow fire' in 2010.

Leader of the AFC and former PNC Executive, Raphael Trotman was present when the statement was made on live television and we ought to be reminded of his role in the successful implementation of the PNC's terror campaign after they refused to accept the will of the people in the aftermath of the 1997 elections.

Trotman neither condemned nor distanced himself and party from such a call. And it is being said that this may signal his approval.


  1. With this illusionary thinking that violence will give them power and their engrained trait of refusing to accept the will of the people through free and transparent elections, the PNC imagined an opportunity to take advantage of and hatched a plan of destabilisation.
    This was the tool to galvanise their followers and to divert attention from internal Party wrangling. These actions, which continued and which were followed by another loss for the PNC in 2001, were complemented by the crime wave which began with the 2002 jailbreak.With numerous allegations of collusion by some operatives of the PNCR and the notorious gunmen, the country and its people were gripped with fear. Trotman was part and parcel of the leadership of the PNC during this time, hence his reaction or lack of it regarding Abrams's comments shouldn't come as a surprise.

  2. i don't think that this time around the people will join in this campaign cause by now the people realize that the opposition is not doin nothing for i guess it will just wind blowing out of their mouths .the only people that will join the campaign are the ones which would one to destabilize the government and drive fear to the people of this country.

  3. These people are just ridiculous and they want to be the ruling party, its very stressful to have people like these pressuring the minds of the people now look what is Trotman's motive for the people, more fire, slow fire...imagine if he was in power, Guyana would have been a war zone to live in...These people have gone out of order; we have had enough under the PNC, why would anyone want a repeat of it. I don’t know why PNC and AFC don’t give up and let this place be at peace....

  4. Look at these evil son of bitches with grins on there faces, correlating in there minds is nothing other than planning rip people off. Well at least one down and a lot more to go I guess, people should just charge fire on them for even implementing a campaign as such...these sick bastards.

  5. This is what the opposition parties preach violence before they try to help make guyana a better place they joining in the call of destruction of the country which would both make they and their families uncomfortable and then they would have the nerve to blamed the government who are making this place better for all of them.