Monday, April 18, 2011

$19.4B invested in housing over past 5 years..........providing 44,900 lots

-benefiting 184,000 persons

Chart showing capital investment in the housing sector for the years 2006- 2010

Over the last five years, investments in the housing sector have totalled $19.4B for the infrastructural development of 44,900 lots, which benefited a total number of 184,000 persons.

Minister of Housing and Water, Irfaan Ali, made this disclosure recently when he noted that for this period, extensive works were carried out in schemes and squatter settlements across the country.

He explained that a major component of the housing and squatter upgrading programmes is the construction of infrastructure such as internal drainage systems and structures, macro drainage, access bridges, water distribution networks, access and secondary roads, the drilling of wells and the provision of electricity.

Chart showing source of funds for the years 2006-2010.

“In order to facilitate these projects, funding was obtained from various sources including the Government of Guyana through budgetary allocations; funds from the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA); a grant from the European Union and a loan from the Inter-American development Bank,” Ali explained.

The minister said over the last five years, efforts were concentrated on strengthening the ministry’s work in the sector by continuing its drive to alleviate poverty and improve the quality of life of low/moderate income groups.

“To facilitate this, the expenditure included the enhancement of community roads in urban and rural areas across the country and the acquisition of new lands in an effort to satisfy the growing demand for serviced land to facilitate house construction,” he said.


In 2006, the CH&PA executed 50 projects across the country, with an expenditure that exceeded $1.5B, which went towards the development and servicing of more than 16,000 lots, an investment which benefited more than 65,000 persons.


One year later, the Housing Ministry executed an additional 34 projects with an expenditure that exceeded $900M for the servicing of 7,800 lots which benefited more than 32,000 individuals.


Sixteen projects were implemented during this year, with an expenditure that exceeded $800M and which resulted in the development of 6,900 lots, an investment that directly benefited 28,000 persons across the country.


In this year, the CH&PA executed 15 projects across the country, facilitated by an expenditure that exceeded $5.2B.

This went towards the development and servicing of more than 3,200 lots and this investment benefited more than 13,000 persons.

A large portion of this expenditure was used to acquire more lands towards developing 17,000 new lots before the end of 2011.


In the year 2010, the CH&PA executed 25 projects across Regions Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Eight, Nine, and 10, for which they recorded more than $11B in actual and committed expenditure.

This went towards the development and servicing of more than 11,000 lots, which benefited more than 46,000 persons.

Minister Ali emphasized that the objectives of all the government’s interventions continue to be consistent with the reduction of poverty, the improvement in the quality of life of low/moderate income earners, accessibility of affordable housing and requisite financing, and the security of tenure in housing schemes and squatter settlements across the country.


  1. The effort that the Government is putting into the housing development has made many Guyanese eligible of owning there own home for them and there family.They are a lot more of Guyanese who will get the same benefit of owning there own home as the Government continue to develop more housing scheme all across Guyana.

  2. Over the past years the govt has invest alot so that every Guyanese can be able to have their own home.And this development have prove to very successful and have improve the living condition for the Guyanese people.

  3. With the investment that the Government has put towards housing they have manage to move many Guyanese citizen from squatting on Government reserve to better living condition in area that is equipped with light water school and roads in these newly develop housing scheme.