Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sensationalism will not distract people from the facts Sasenarine Singh

-Guyana’s sugar industry was not in excellent condition when the PNC vacated office in 1992

Nigel Green: I respond to Sasenarine Singh’s letter in the Kaieteur News of April 26, 2011. Sasenarine Singh may believe that employing sensationalism in his letter will distract readers from the facts, but unfortunately for him, this is not the case. And the facts were outlined in my letter. I have already dismissed, Sasenarine Singh’s “statements”, and provided the correct data to prove that he is a malicious distorter of facts. Hence, I completely understand his pathetic retort.

Unless Sasenarine Singh is a very literate fool, he fully understands that the ‘facts’ in his letter, through those figures, implied that the sugar industry was flourishing when the PPP came to power. This was not the case.

The sugar industry had troubles long before it landed in the hands of the PPP government. Singh must know that he cannot infinitely propagate lies.

In the case of Singh’s letter, the facts could no longer be distorted, so with his back against the wall, he reveals his true nature, employing personal attacks to distract readers from the actual facts of the matter. I will never apologize for setting the record straight. Guyanese are intelligent people. They can read between the lines and understand what the ‘facts’ are really about.

As I said before, Guyana’s sugar industry was not in excellent condition when the PNC vacated office in 1992.

Sasenarine Singh knows this very well. It is amazing that he would try to throw these ‘below the belt’ attacks because he cannot appropriately argue the facts. Sasenarine Singh, in my opinion, is a lost cause to the AFC, as that party will be a lot better off without him.

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