Monday, April 18, 2011

PNC making a mockery of "Coalition politics"

The PNC is making a mockery of 'coalition politics' by seeking to enhance its poor public standing under the guise of a 'coalition' between itself and other opposition parties.
The party's recent announcement of its intention to contest upcoming elections under the 'joint opposition' umbrella along with the WPA, NFA and GAP is laughable given that these other parties are non-existent, one-man, spent political forces with no constituencies.


  1. This is really a mockery cause the party which they are joining up with doesn't even exist in the eyes of the public.SMH!!

  2. Clearly the PNC has no clue on how to govern the affairs of their suffering party, much more an entire country… They clearly know nothing about coalition politics and in my opinion they heard of it and thought that it sounded nice… These people are just hilarious, makes me feel sorry for them at their ignorance, it’s a pity!