Monday, April 4, 2011

AFC's David Patterson makes false allegation against lad.

-Boy tells court he doesn't even know who David Patterson is

David Patterson

Today Mark Benschop appeared in court on charges that he assaulted Anthony Carto, a protester outside the AFC's Campbellville office and in the process destroyed his placard. Attorney-at-law Nigel Hughes entered a not guilty plea on behalf of Benschop who was then granted bail.

However in a twist to the story the virtual complainant in the Benschop matter was charged for assaulting AFC member of parliament David Patterson during the same protest outside the AFC's head office.
However, in addressing the court the accused, Anthony Carto, told the Magistrate that he doesn't know who David Patterson is nor what he looks like and he found it strange that he was accused of assaulting him.
According to Carto, the assault perpetrated against him by Benschop was witnessed by many persons and 4 gave statements in support of his claim. He said that it was after he was taken by police on the scene of the assault to make a report at the Kitty Police Station that Patterson in response made a false allegation against him.

The Magistrate apparently believed his story as he was released on his own reconnaissance .

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