Monday, April 11, 2011

AFC stands behind corruption

-Businessman who exposed Sasenarine Singh a PNC member 15 years now

Fizal Ali: I OBSERVED an advertisement in the April 3, 2011 edition Sunday Stabroek and Sunday Kaieteur News, placed by the Alliance For Change (AFC), under the title, ‘Sasenarine is the growing voice of corruption’. In that article, the AFC claimed that I libelled and slandered Sasenarine Singh, an executive member of the AFC. Readers would recall that I published a letter a few weeks ago, in which I disclosed that Sasenarine Singh, while employed at the National Milling Company, extracted bribe from me in the sum of $100,000 per week, along with three bags of flour per week. I was also forced to purchase his first motor car at a cost of $450,000.

In a subsequent letter published in the press, Sasenarine Singh threatened to sue me. Up to now, I have received no lawsuit.

The AFC ad

In the advertisement, the Alliance For Change accused the government and the PPP of being the intellectual authors of my allegations against Sasenarine. I wish to clearly declare that I have no connection whatsoever with the PPP and the PPP Government, and the PPP and the PPP Government have nothing whatsoever to do with my allegations. In fact, I am a member and supporter of the PNCR, and was a candidate on their list at two General Elections.

I maintain that Sasenarine Singh cannot be a voice against corruption, because he himself is corrupt, and, like a patriot, as he claims to be, I also want to rid this country of corruption in public office, and corrupt politicians. This is the only reason why I have made the charges against Sasenarine Singh, which are founded in the truth. Mr. Singh very well knows why he is not suing me.If he does, even more details of corruption will be revealed to the court and to the public.

In a letter dated Friday April 8, 2011, published in the Stabroek News, Sasenarine calls upon the USA, Canada, the EU, the BRIC countries and CARICOM to protect Guyanese from the PPP. I also would like those very countries to protect Guyanese from corrupt politicians like Sasenarine Singh and his party, the AFC.


  1. The AFC are already disgracing themselves with the use of the head and mouth.this meaning that it is only a bunch of illiterate idiots that makes up the AFC party and the speak and display there stupidity and make racial remarks.

  2. Any AFC member should be the last to speak or even whisper the words "against corruption"... The AFC stands for corruption and proves it daily and ever so proudly in their random acts of public displays. These people are noted for being the worst collective decision makers amongst other things. Come on, we all know the track record of these comics therefore it is no surprise that this is the case.