Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Benschop calls for boycott of Kaieteur News as Freddie Kissoon prepares to 'tell all'

-labels Glen Lall a racist, PPP lap dog

The very close relationship that up to last week existed between Kaieteur News, its owner Glen Lall and Mark Benschop has taken a turn for the worse with Lall's ordered dropping of the Freddie Kissoon column after being repeatedly disrespected by the columnist.
Only recently Benschop was invited to staff meetings at Kaieteur News and shared information stolen from Office of the President by Marcelle Joseph.
However Benschop, we have learnt, has commenced a campaign to have his supporters stop buying the Kaieteur News.
He went around Georgetown today labeling Glen Lall a 'racist', 'PPP lap dog'. He has already indicated to those close to him that Kissoon's daily writings will be accommodated on his website.

We here at Liveinguyana eagerly await Glen Lall's response as well as anticipate a showdown between Kissoon, Lall and Benschop as Kissoon is slated to 'tell all' when he appears on Benschop's programme tonight. Benschop is noted for confronting his opponents and though his last act of confrontation resulted in his having to scale several fences in Diamond we still anticipate acts of aggression on his part. Glen Lall though, has surrounded himself with convicted criminals who functions as his bodyguards and Hench-men.


  1. EH EH their weren't good friend now MB lashing out at KN owner because he shows his support of the new elected presidential candidate of the PPP/C.

  2. Stwww!!!MB is just time when it just gone be him alone trying to fight down the PPP cause KN owner has realize that the govt is out to do good and people and Freddie are living in denial.

  3. This was bound to happen since freddie think that he can disrespect anyone that he please to.But then again Glen Lall was part of this clique that spread these lies so why is he frowning now that his writer is doing it to him.

  4. These two clowns belong in the Suarez Bros Circus, the next time the circus comes to town sign them up and let the Suarez Bros. take them to Mexico. It is too late for Glen, he should have known long ago that freddie is no good. Had Glenn read the column he would have seen eventually the column would come to bite he in the tail. Glen should have pulled the plug on freddie a long time ago, but he Glen was part of the charade, so now the crow come home to roost. freddie is a like a mongoose.

  5. Benschop is as unsettled as grums in a glass that's being shaken; he’s just all over the place... Both Benschop and Freddie are two miserable individuals with a lot of time on hands to idle about the society spreading corruption like wild fire. However, KN deserves this betrayal anyway from these clowns because of the history of their journalistic works. Lall, Benschop and Freddie like TNT… "They know drama"