Wednesday, April 20, 2011


PNCR Leader Robert Corbin was booed at a meeting of US Based Guyanese in New York and insults hurled at him for the party's choice of Granger who they referred to as out-of-touch. One member was heard saying, ''........he (Granger) int ready yet for this game, weh he come from all of a sudden, he never do anything fuh pnc''.

The group prolonged their taunts and criticisms for about 15 minutes while Corbin remained calm and was only allowed to speak after one of the senior party stalwarts said, ''let us be descipline comrades, i know we have issues with our party but we can treat our leader a little better, come on. ''

Corbin was then allowed to speak and commenced his presentation by saying, ''comrades there are things we dont like sometimes, but believe me we are trying to do our best, we see David Granger has our comrade who has some thing to contribute. by this time a member of the audience shouted,, ...''what happen to Carl Grenidge he much better at least he would bring in some vote,'' the individual contended.

Corbin paused briefly with a smile and then said, '' we have an election to fight, mostly likely the PPP may be winning again and comrades this time we have to do all we can to ensure there is power-sharing''.

After 37 minutes the meeting became orderly and discussions got on the way but many of the members left dissatisfied.

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