Monday, April 4, 2011

David Granger is Corbin's foot-stool

-not allowed to speak during meeting with Norwegian Environment Minister

Though present David Granger was not allowed to speak during AFC, PNC meeting with Norwegian Environment Minister, Erik Solheim

Elections are looming and political chest is being played in the PNCR with former Burnham stooge, David Granger being Robert Corbin's chief pawn. As an example take last Friday's meeting with Norwegian Environment Minister, Erik Solheim and the PNCR and AFC. Though being the PNCR's 2011 presidential candidate Granger was not allowed to utter a word. Instead Corbin did all the talking and Granger's presence appeared ceremonial.

Observers have hinted at a Putin/Medvedev- like scenario between Corbin and Granger with the latter contented with being reduced to a puppet by this loser/opportunist Corbin.

Corbin also recently told media operatives that he will not take a back seat during the 2011 elections and he remains firmly in control of the PNCR despite its presidential candidate being Granger.


  1. Corbin is just stating that he is and will be the leader of the party comes and after the 2011 election but Granger is acting as leader of the party when he Corbin is making all the decision for the party and how it is being run.

  2. This show that Corbin got the say in this party and he Granger is a puppet on a string.Corbin continues to use his members for his purpose.

  3. It is clear that with the rigging of the party election and Granger winning the presidential candidate position he could have control of what is done in the party so i guess this was 1 of the reason that Granger wasn't allowed to speak at this meeting.