Monday, April 4, 2011


The PPP today displayed a matured sense of unity as that party considered its Presidential Candidate for 2011 national and regional elections. It is not surprising that those who were in contest with Ramotar, namely Gail Teixeira, Clement Rohee and Ralph Ramkarran withdrew their nomination in a magnanimous gesture to ensure oneness as the party goes to the polls.

On the other hand the opposition, AFC and PNCR wrangled over their presidential candidates in a a manner that confirmed the bitterness existing among their rank and file and the claims of rigging and jigging.

Ramotar is a far superior candidate with his education and experience all together than Granger and Ramjattan. As General Secretary of the PPP he lead the party into three successive electoral victories.

Liveinguyana will be looking at all the candidates as the campaign for the 2011 elections heats up.

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  1. Indeed this is a sign of maturity that the members of the PPP has shown and this is the same attitude that they bring to the development of this country.It also show that no matter who be the president their wouldn't be no in fighting among them cause the aim is 1 thing "PROGRESS".