Saturday, April 9, 2011

One Laptop Per Family initiative moves into high gear

The realisation of placing internet-ready and learning-enabled laptops into the homes of thousands of Guyanese families moved one step closer yesterday, as the project moved into high gear with the commencement of the Information and Communication Technology –ICT HUB review and verification process.
The ICT Hub Review panel, comprising technical representatives from several key ministries and public sector bodies, is now reviewing and short listing eligible applications from over 200 community-based organizations and entities, and will begin the on-site verification process within days.
Community-based organizations, youth groups, learning institutions and schools, religious entities and sector bodies vying to be accredited as ICT Hubs have shown overwhelming enthusiasm in the process from all regions of the country.
The accredited Hubs will fulfil the role of being the central community administrative and learning interface for the One Laptop Per Family initiative, across Guyana. They will be required to provide a conducive learning environment and their own facilitators who will be accredited by the OLPF Project Unit, or accommodate OLPF accredited training volunteers for the provision of technical support to the process, while facilitating and monitoring the technical and social learning progress of participating families.
The Hubs will also work closely in assisting the Community Verification Committees that will be established to screen families who apply to benefit from the OLPF programme.
The One Laptop Per Family initiative is the brainchild of President Bharrat Jagdeo, who sees the socio-economic transformation of Guyanese families as central to the continued growth and development of Guyana.
OLPF is envisioned to be executed over two years, placing laptop computers into the hands of 90,000 Guyanese families. Phase one, which is underway, will see the distribution of approximately 60% of the total amount of laptops envisioned in the short term life of the programme.


  1. Thats great! Thanks to the Government our children will be covered

  2. Its good to hear that this programme kicks into a next gear has they begin to have these hubs step up.The govt is working hard to help families have access to the internet where they can get to do assignments and etc.This is to bring Guyanese people have knowledge of the internet life.

  3. The Government is moving at a fast paste to get these laptop distributed to families so that they can start reaping the benefit of these laptops and get to explore the outside world and help them with there assignment and others educational researches.