Friday, April 22, 2011

Tarron Khemraj’s conclusions are biased and directed towards support for the AFC

Tarron Khemraj

Cheddi (Joey) Jagan (Jr): The letters by Theron Khemraj, with all his charts and economic data, are all good for the political appetite of this nation and should be welcomed, but his conclusions are all biased and directed towards support for the AFC. Here is a classic example of a political novice trying to manipulate our minds because, somehow, he thinks that we, the citizens of Guyana are stupid and ignorant of political instincts; he claims that only the AFC can bring the changes and the able leadership needed to carry out such changes.

Mr. Editor, let us examine the record of the trio who lead the AFC and dominate that party’s hierarchy with no real level of democracy, except the rotation of the trio, playing musical chairs with the Guyanese public. Mr. Trotman, formerly with the PNC, for many years, upheld the communist leaning constitution, never speaking out against the breakdown of democratic norms and the subversion of free and democratic elections; never speaking out against government intervention in all aspects of our life from the high duties on vehicles to our flawed foreign policy, which
always leaned against the USA.
Mr. Ramjattan, who, for all his political life believed in communism and all its undemocratic and dictatorial politics, never spoke up against our flawed constitution once the PPP got into power and never questioned massive government intervention in our political and economic life; only when he left the PPP did he questioned the flaws in our systems which he himself helped to create. Ms. Holder, formerly of the WPA, who for many years lived with the flaws created by individuals like Trotman and Ramjattan and their respective ties with Stalinist socialism/communism, wants us to believe that she, holding hands with those who never were interested in any changes for Guyana, will bring a new dispensation to our political equations.
Mr. Editor, this trio of leaders of the AFC want us to believe their “conversion” and extrapolate that into votes for them; but let us go further and examine their record for the last five years in Parliament under their ‘conversion’ to democratic principles. What have they accomplished for the citizens who voted for them believing their ‘conversion’? The answer is nothing much, especially in defending the rights of workers, the creation of a unified opposition and the fight for the empowerment of a true legion of small business enterprises.
They have failed to provide the momentum for our youth to get involved in politics and the economic future of our country. The youths of Guyana are not, in any way, inspired by the triangular leadership of the AFC. Enter Khemraj and Sasenarine Singh, trying to convince the voters with their long-winded analyses and flawed conclusions, that they are the saviours of democracy and free enterprise, when, in fact, they are the same old, same old with no real answers for our future, except asking us to put our trust into the hands of former communists.
Mr. Editor, Mr. Theron Khemraj should check out the world, and he’ll see that everywhere old time communists are in power, things for those citizens are less than fortunate.
The AFC has time and again, refused unity of the opposition and really, these people are just splitters and will never achieve anything much, except a lot of grandstanding and self congratulations as this country wallows in political bickering.
As Khemraj continues to write his nonsense he will see, at the end of the day, that the people of Guyana will reject the AFC and render them powerless in this upcoming election.

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