Monday, April 11, 2011

Ramjattan defecates AGAIN!!!

AFC Presidential candidate Khemraj Ramjattan during one of his many bouts with Diarrhea said that the forestry deal with Café Coffee Day of India raises serious questions about corruption etc.
However the Guyana Forestry Commission explained the following:

1. The GFC through a public advertisement indicated that an SFEP was available for allocation. Simon and Shock International Logging Inc. (SSI), a US company, then applied for the SFEP and this application was reviewed firstly by the GFC Forest Resource Allocation Committee (FRAC), then the GFC Board Technical Committee.
It was then approved by the GFC Board of Directors, then by the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Natural Resources, and finally by the Cabinet. This concession was for 391,853 hectares.
Unfortunately, due to the financial crises and other unforeseen factors, SSI was unable to undertake the required exploratory works, or pay the necessary acreage fees. The SFEP was then suspended for non-compliance with the SFEP agreement. Coffee Day Limited then approached the Government offering to pay all outstanding debts of SSI, and do the necessary exploratory works.
Government then agreed for VHPI to take over as the shareholders of SSI.
And the outstanding monies(US$254,000.00) was paid by Vaitarna to the GFC and a commitment was made to do a forest inventory, a business plan and an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), and submit these to the GFC and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2011.

2. The Timber Sales Agreement (TSA) awarded to Caribbean Resources Limited (CRL) was also terminated and re-possessed by the GoG (Government of Guyana) in 2010, because of continuous non-compliance with the terms and conditions of the TSA.
Guyana then accepted an offer of $600M (US$3M) by VHPI to re-allocate this re-possessed concession of 345,961 hectares.
This re-allocation was done in 2010. The sum of G$600 million was applied to help meet liabilities owed to policyholders of CLICO (Guyana), given that CRL is part of the same group of companies as CLICO which went into receivership in 2010.

So Ramjattan, the next time you receive a few phone calls and decide to DEFECATE again please ensure that there's an adequate supply of toilet tissue. And please don't SHIT in public!


  1. This is always him talking with no adequate of information.It seem that he just look at an issues and just start talking cause he has a mouth its clear that he is every incompetent to be in the position that he is in.

  2. Ramjattan is forever with his insufficient data... Just like how he possesses insufficient brain matter to think through minute situations… He is one of the most pathetic persons I know and one that repeatedly humiliates himself in public. Is he this stubborn and selfish that he says whatever comes to mind in public before consulting and thinking it through? Or is it that his other colleagues within the AFC are as dumb as him? Hmm… I guess we will just have to wait and see.