Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Glen Lall bitten by his own flea as Freddie Kissoon takes disrespect to another level.

-Kissoon chased out of Kaieteur News after disrespecting Lall and other staffers

The Kaieteur News has discontinued the Freddie Kissoon column over a disagreement between the columnist and newspaper owner, Glen Lall. Kaieteur News editor, Adam Harris said Lall and Kissoon had a stormy encounter over when a meeting should be held and who enjoyed the right to fix the time.

After being abused an labeled a 'PPP lap dog' by Kissoon, Lall ordered that the column be stopped immediately, citing the columnist's disrespect towards him and his family.

Kissoon also sent several e-mails to fellow columnist, Stella Ramsaroop, containing offensive comments about her her, the publisher and a number of staff-members.

Kissoon then immediately began to peddle the lie that the decision by Lall to withdraw the column had to do with Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) selection his ‘family-friend’, Donald Ramotar to be its presidential candidate.

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  1. Why am I not surprised at this happening? Guess it's because Freddie has always been a Nosy Parker and also a manipulative individual. Lall and his KN crew deserve every hick up they face due to the amount and extent of social damage they continuously cause in this country through their unethical journalistic practices.