Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tarron Khemraj's missive reminiscent of the AFC's doomsday approach to development efforts which proved them wrong overtime.

General Elections is around the corner and many of the political groupings that were dormant after August 2006 are seeking to justify their thrust to occupy political space.
In that respect Tarron Khemraj, a former ROARite, who now occupies a formidable position in the AFC's hierarchy questions the process that led to the selection of Donald Ramotar as the PPP's 2011 presidential candidate(a process he was comfortable with for years as a member of the PPP), Ramotar's competence, Norway's funding of the LCDS as well as President Jagdeo's leadership.

Khemraj's letter to the Kaieteur News Backtrack News is riddled with suppositions and propaganda and is reminiscent of his party's doomsday approach to development efforts which have all been proven wrong overtime.

The AFC criticized the Construction of the Providence Stadium though it has proven to be a worthwhile investment

The AFC criticized the construction of the Berbice River Bridge though the benefits of this investment have been enormous to Berbice residents

CLICO investors have been repaid though the AFC predicted otherwise and questioned where would the money to do so would come from

The Amaila Falls Hydro Project is on stream and moving apace though the AFC predicted it would never happen

The One Laptop Per Family project is bearing fruit though the AFC said it was an election gimmick.


  1. The AFC has criticizes all these projects some which are completed and some of which in the process of being completed but the AFC has been proven wrong since these project prove to be beneficial to the Guyanese people.

  2. The reason why the AFC don't consider the Berbice Bridge ,the stadium the OLPF project etc as development is because of the main fact that the don't know the definition of development.

  3. i think is about time they put an end into making predictions..it just wasting peoples time and causing too much unnecessary attention and it always ends up hitting them right back in the face just proving how ridiculous they are.

  4. Notice all these AFC people are supporting that racist Mark Benschop. They are own his illegal radio station everynight.
    Cathy Hughes, Bogus doctor Ramayya, Khemraj Ramjattan, Brandon Samaroo.
    When people hear the AFC is in bed with killer and racist Bneschop, it is the end of the AFC.

  5. These initiatives and programs were well thought and executed by the Government and some still on the way. Guyanese significantly benefits and will benefit from the entire infrastructural upgrade of these developments countrywide. I’m sure the members of the AFC all enjoy the conveniences of these same developments in which they ever so often criticize… The AFC is once again showcasing their usual ignorance on prominent matters and events in society; it’s either these people really “dotish” or just simply a bunch of clowns on show…