Thursday, April 7, 2011

Freddie Kissoon's war with Glen Lall seems far from over.

Those are words Kissoon used to describe his boss on Benschop's website today in an article titled "Mr Ramotar is an extremely cruel man"


  1. Ungrateful Kissoon should be thankful Glenn Lall is giving him a forum to excrete his bile and balderdash. Wrong-and-strong Kissoon says he is "badly paid" by Kaieteur News. In fact his daily shit is much too overpriced. Glenn Lall is wasting money on that greedy camoodie.

  2. "The more I think of Mr. Lall’s attitude to me, the angrier I get. I have helped to make Kaieteur News what it is. The entire population of Guyana knows this”…….. Here we go again…Freddie the miserable psycho at it again with his partner in crime Lall. This is too funny, after this he will apologise and then he will trip again following the make-up… Lol