Friday, April 15, 2011

Things about the AFC to ponder on

If Raphael Trotman was the AFC's Presidential candidate would Tarron Khemraj, Sasenarine Singh, Dr Somar, Salaudeen Nasrudeen, Brandon Samaroo and the others work as feverishly as they are currently working to bolster Ramjattan's candidacy?

In 2006 when Trotman was the AFC's Presidential candidate these folks were invisible....


  1. Who is this idiot Brandon Samaroo I notice he is blogging everyday in the Stabroek News with his stupid comment I want him and all the pack of morans in the AFC to know that the PPP/Civic will win the next election

  2. Ofcourse we would not have seen these people doing what they’re doing with such enthusiasm if it were Trotman filling the gap as their candidate… Ramjattan and his cronies know very well what they are working towards in order to fill their pockets…