Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Freddie cried and begged like a baby...

Freddie Kissoon cried and begged like a baby last night and Glen lall decided that his column will continue but not as a daily feature in the Kaieteur News. This came about after a meeting between Lall, Kissoon, Nigel Hughes and several others.

Inside sources have told us that this does not however, resolve the bad blood between Lall and Kissoon. Kissoon gave an interview to Capitol News yesterday in which he charged that his dismissal stemmed from Lall's friendship with Donald Ramotar, the PPPC's presidential candidate. Lall as well as the newspaper's Editor-in-chief, Adam Harris denied this.


  1. If you ask me Freddie belongs in the madhouse, the man has lost his way, he is so tangled up in a web of confusion that he cannot decipher fact from fiction.

    Most people do not read Freddie, people fed up with him, so Glen is only wasting good print and computer space with Freddie's coluumn. Thank goodness Guyana is a democracy for the PNC would not tolerate Freddie. You all remember how Burnham had locked up Freddie in the old days.

  2. Freddie had his friends and lawyer to go and beg Glen to accept him back at the newspaper.Oh Freddie dont you know that big boys dont cry.

  3. Crying and Begging Freddie has finally wakening from the denial that he was living in....SMH

  4. Freddie can’t survive one day without bad talking the Government’s works in Guyana even if it means “kissing ass” to make it happen. This particular story of how “Freddie cried and begged like a baby” for the spot in the news paper made me confirm my thoughts of him as being a Psychopath…
    According to Collins English Dictionary (2009), A Psychopath also called a sociopath is a person afflicted with a personality disorder characterized by a tendency to commit antisocial and sometimes violent acts and a failure to feel guilt for such acts. Now doesn’t this definition slash description fit Freddie to a tee? I sure think so!