Friday, April 15, 2011

Where is Raphael Trotman?

Some are of the view that he's headed right back into the PNCR.
While many believe that his act of declining the Prime Ministerial candidacy under politically inferior Ramjattan is specifically designed to allow him to be the consensus Presidential candidate of any joint opposition coalition slate to be formed between the PNC and the other opposition parties.


  1. I'm also thinking of that too cause he clearly declare that he wants no position in the AFC the party which he formed.hmmmmm ???

  2. Trotman is waiting to see Between the AFC and the PNC who will stand a better chance or obtain the most seats in Parliament then he will make decision if he will remain in the AFC or return to the PNC.

  3. They say set a thief to catch a thief and in this case thieves attract thieves... Trotman and Ramjattan are looking for the same sweet in one basket but there is only of its kind. Both Raphael and Ramjattan are power hungry, selfish, greedy, corruptive and destructive.