Monday, April 18, 2011

ACDA promises murder and mayhem should PNCR looses 2011 General Elections.

-says predominantly African- Guyanese dominated security forces would take the side of protesters

PNC and ACDA supporters burned and looted stores in the aftermath of past elections

The African Cultural and Development Association(ACDA) which consists of senior members of the WPA and is a PNCR affiliate threatened that a struggle for shared governance would be waged on the streets if the incumbent party wins again.

Addressing a public meeting at Beterverwagting (BV) village, East Coast Demerara on Saturday evening; ACDA’s executive member, Tacuma Ogunseye signaled to Western nations, United Nations and the Organisation of American States (OAS) that the upcoming elections would be a “game-changer” win or lose.

“If we win, we sharing the government with them but we also have to tell them that if we lose, we are going to fight and bring Guyana to a halt until we have a national government in which the representatives of African people and the combined opposition is part of parliament; Comrades, we are announcing the riot act,” he said.

Ogunseye said ACDA expects that the predominantly African- Guyanese dominated security forces would take the side of protesters to secure shared governance, national reconciliation and political compromise from the PPP.

“Once the African people rise up in their great numbers, I dare the army to take the side of the PPP and against Africans.


  1. The African people need to stop allowing people to influence there mind into taking to the streets of Guyana to protest against the Government that has build Guyana for its people and not just the Indos of this country.

  2. Whilst I disagree with most of the previous comment, (that the government has built Guyana for its people, no offense you are just as misguided as the "African people" you refer to in your statement) I must say that rioting will only prolong the dire situation of impoverished Guyanese as a whole. Yes, Guyanese of African DECENT must be better represented in Parliament, but I think what is more important is that which ever party is elected represents the PEOPLE of Guyana, and not just their own race. It is crucial that Guyana stops viewing itself as a country with six different races and therefore six separate groups, but as a country which is diverse in culture, but has one common goal - to see Guyana and its people succeed. Your race makes no difference. The bottom line is, until both politicians and ignorant members of our society realize that regardless of whether you are of African decent, Indian decent, Chinese decent, European decent, or part of our beautiful indigenous community - we are all Guyanese... Violence is not the answer, but neither is racially motivated politics. I really hope that a coalition can be formed, which has Guyana's best interests at heart, there is a constitutional reform, i.e. the Prime Minister takes the reigns but is answerable to parliament unlike the current President and his undemocratic system, Guyanese wake up and realize that we are all brothers and sisters, and that regardless of the race your party of interest affiliates itself with, THAT IS NOT A VALID REASON TO VOTE FOR THEM, OR FOLLOW THEM IN THE STREETS RIOTING! God bless Guyana and its unique diversity - one people, one nation, one destiny! (btw, that can only exist if we stop dividing ourselves into groups and start viewing ourselves as GUYANESE, and Guyanese alone!).

    Furthermore, I implore all readers to educate themselves as best they can about the various parties before they vote in this upcoming election... See what each party has to offer politically, NOT RACIALLY, and then make an informed decision... Voting on race will only continue to retard Guyana's growth...

  3. If they try anything,there must be no mercy shown on trouble makers this time.If foreign troops have to be brought in to stop them,so be it.

  4. they should rise up against this bunch of tiefmen runnin the govt

  5. What wrong with these people if the PPP win the elections again its the choice of the people they calling for riot and all that.We don't need this in our country we are moving rapidly in development and this man cant see this and help to work for the betterment of a country.

  6. why do you ppl keep driving fear into ppl>>> steeewps.... idle instead you should come up with ways to help promote guyana in a positive way... idle loosers u be.

  7. If the military force should turn its back on the government it will bring a total shame on them all our force sworn to protect the law abiding citizens of this country and for them to go against that oath the government should seek international security for the upcoming elections, or else Guyana would be far worse than Rwanda.