Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Propaganda Press loves to spew vulgar trash but cannot handle when it's given back to them in their own yard

NOTE: We received the following letter today via e-mail and decided it was worthy of being published.

Brian Singh: A week ago, I decided to respond in the very like manner to the number of post that were made in the Propaganda Press blog.
I was relentless, I was just as vulgar as the various persons who were posting their trash. I am sure I made them cringe every time they opened a thread and saw my name there. I let them have it all.
Then this morning, Tuesday, one week later, I found out that my comments were not going through. I tried three times and then realised that I was blocked. I would be very grateful if you can post this on your blog, so that others can see that those who love to scream and shout their vulgar trash, cannot and will never handle it when it's given back to them in their own yard. So what they do? They get rid of you, and they have the audacity to talk about freedom of expression etc.


  1. This man is always spreading lies and cuss out the President of this country,Now that it is happening to him by his own worker he fired him.It is said that what goes around comes around

  2. I must say that I read Singh's attacks on that TRASH BLOG. It was relentless. He came out with guns far too big for the PP haters to handle. It was very hard hitting, below the belt most times and at times run wild. I can just imagine singh punching away on his keyboards with a vengence. No wonder he was given the boot. Dont worry Singh. You will find away to get at them again. THANKS for the wild read singh. I need you gun