Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Still can't understand why a party with little political value is seeking to enter coalition arrangements

I still can't understand why the WPA through Rupert Roopnarine is still forcing itself into coalition talks by the opposition parties in order to contest the 2011 general elections.
The WPA is a 5 person political organisation with no constituency. The party by itself was unable to muster enough vote to attain a single seat in parliament.

So like Peter Ramsaroop we are unable to tell what its involvement brings to the table.


  1. First of all do this party still exist in the eyes of the people?How can they support any party with a coalition?

  2. i would not consider WPA as a political party i would consider WPA as a group of people with no aim and time to waste.

  3. This is so true what will happen if they did had a coalition it wouldn't make a difference cause how many votes they gonna get at the poll since they don't exist to the people

  4. Omg… Firstly, is this party still in existence? I don’t even know why or who still fighting up in the WPA for a spot... Coalition or no coalition, their efforts are useless just like how they in themselves are useless to the betterment of the people. So this handful of non-interesting persons should look for other things to do with their idle time, this Party thing isn’t working out clearly.