Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stabroek News persists with its nastiness and misrepresentations.

In its editorial today the newspaper falsely proclaimed:

The kind of encounter that reportedly had been planned for Messrs. Ramotar, Granger and Ramjattan would, in all likelihood, have been witnessed by an audience of a few hundred mostly academics and political supporters on either side who would have gone there either for the intellectual exercise or to lend support to their candidate.

Stabroek News, doing the bidding of its maters(the AFC) is continuing with its false propagation that the PPP/C Presidential Candidate Mr. Donald Ramotar has avoided a debate with other Presidential Candidates when it knows fully well that the letter from the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Guyana did not invite Mr. Ramotar to a debate or forum with other Presidential Candidates. Further, this could not have been the case since the said letter was sent weeks before Mr. Ramotar won the unanimous nomination of the leadership and membership of the PPP.


  1. Has they continue doing the propaganda work for the AFC they misinform the public about this debate issue how could a man that was even elected to be presidential candidate be invited.Its a clear misrepresentations they are pedaling.

  2. The letter to Mr Ramotar was never for a debate but for him to come and talk with some of the pupil at the university.There is no reason why MR Ramotar would back out of a debate with any other Presidential candidate.

  3. There was no letter about a debate at the university but the letter only mention the the Presidential Candidate Ramotar will only b e at the University to talk and interact with the pupil of the university.But you cant expect better from this newspaper.