Saturday, April 23, 2011

Christopher Rams beats his "sweet woman"

Christopher Ram inflicted asevere beating on his sweet woman, an ex employee of his, after he she received a text message which she quickly deleted while the two were in bed last evening.The woman was rushed to Woodlands Hospital by relatives this morning who are tight lipped about the incident. A source close to the young lady told media operatives that she was beaten badly about her body and was vomiting blood when relatives decided to take her to receive medical attention. She was admitted and was visited by Ram this afternoon. He also apologised to the family and urged that the matter be treated with confidentiality.


  1. Has the govt puts measure in place for the violence against women this man continue to abuse his wife and sweet woman this matter should be looked into so that men like him should be put away in prison for life for this crime.

  2. As we can see no change here..this man like beat woman..he needs to go rehab an stop fooling himself an think he change cause he aint doing it all de time..only God knows how much more women he doing it they scared to talk..a matter a fact, he is beyond rehab..he needs to be behind bars....

  3. It is shame full to see that a man like C Ram who is always pointing Fingers at the president and other Government official is a woman abuser.It bring to mind that this man and his mother was abuse by the hands of his father.