Tuesday, April 19, 2011

PNCR and others must condemn Tacuma Ogunseye

Jacob Amin: The African Cultural and Development Association (ACDA) has reportedly read the “riot act” that a struggle for shared governance would be waged on the streets if the incumbent party wins again.

Representative of ACDA, Mr. Tacuma Ogunseye is not a responsible voice in society. He has called for the rising up of PNCR supporters, the Army to become politicized and the weakening of the country’s economy and its reputation, should they (PNCR), fail at the upcoming general elections.

First, these kinds of rhetoric should be condemned by PNCR’s leadership and its presidential candidate Mr. David Granger, the religious groups and civil society.

Guyana is not the past (the days of tyrants are gone!); our people are much more educated; Guyana is not a militarized nation (our Army is professionalized); Guyana does not belong to Mr. Tacuma Ogunseye (It seems as if Mr. Ogunseye is coming from an African way of thinking) —even the Great Nelson Mandela rejected such way of thinking — look at the movie INVICTUS.

The PNCR and its representative must realize that ideas, brilliant ideas and hard work win an election. Can Mr. Ogunseye remember the PNC’s 28 years? The PNC was against democracy; was against unity, and free and fair elections.
Now, being in the wilderness for 18 years, they are crying foul; shifting the goal post and cannot present a credible recipe for Guyana’s development.

Mr. Ogunseye, Guyana is not Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Yemen or Libya. What have you done to make Guyana a better place? Don’t tear down what has been built up.
Lastly, again, the PNCR - Robert Corbin, David Granger and the others should condemn Ogunseye and his rhetoric.


  1. Indeed the PNc should condemn the call by this man to start a racial war in our country over the years people have been comfortable by the decisions that comes out of the election.And have seen the fruit of their decision so why should we now be force to take a violent pattern just because it did go in favor for him and his associates.

  2. Ignorant people like Tacuma do not deserve a spot in our country. Guyana has come a long way in combating racial tensions and bringing the people together as one people, one nation, with one destiny. Under the PPP Government Guyana has indeed grown tremendously in every aspect of social, economic and political affairs and we haven’t come this far to turn back because of some ignorant individual that doesn’t even belong here, nonsense. “PNC bets deh pun deh ites!”