Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ramjattan marginalising AFC core, replacing them with his cronies-AFC member

AFC member: I wish to draw attention to steps being taken by Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan to marginalise and alienate the core leadership of the AFC, replacing them with his own cronies and acolytes, many of whom are of questionable character and have shady personal and professional histories.
I will give four examples, all of which point to this very alarming development for the Party.

The first example was the recent announcement by Mr. Raphael Trotman that he will not be returning to the next Parliament. This announcement by Mr. Trotman sent shockwaves across AFC members and supporters.
No amount of finesse and political propaganda can disguise the pain that Trotman evidently feels at being squeezed out to the margins of the party he founded and whose support base mainly comes from persons affiliated with him. The fact that Ramjattan has squeezed him out in this manner will surely cause lasting damage to the party.
The second example is the withdrawal from the Party of Gerhard Ramsaroop. Here again, no amount of propanganda can finesse the fact that Ramsaroop has been squeezed out of the party front line because of his well-known support for Trotman, and his skepticism about Ramjattan's ability to win a seat.
He was nowhere to be seen at the Party's manifesto launch. Nor is he anywhere to be seen at any of the party's public events. Here again, the party will suffer terribly, because Ramsaroop has been one of the party's leading underground propagandists and frontline activists.
The third and fourth examples lie in Ramjattan's catapulting of people like Tarron Khemraj and Sasenarine Singh into the front line to replace people like Trotman and his supporters.
In the case of Sasenarine Singh, his honesty and personal integrity have already been torn into shreds by damaging revelations about improprieties in previous jobs he held.
In addition, both of them are known to be opportunists, having previously professed their support for the PPP, revealing a strong opportunistic trait and lack of principles. In fact, it is a well known joke among AFC members that if the PPP or even the PNC offered either Sasenarine Singh or Tarron Khemraj a big job, they would jump ship, and abandon the AFC without a second thought.
One cannot help wondering therefore what exactly Mr. Ramjattan is up to. Is he bent on demolishing the party built by Trotman? Does he have an agenda to stack the party with people of his own ilk? Or, is it something even more sinister? Is he in cahoots with some other party to ensure that the AFC fails to win a seat at the next election?

NOTE: We suspect that this letter was written by Michael Carrington who challenged Ramjattan for the party's Presidential candidacy and has also publicly expressed his lack of confidence in the Ramjattan/Holder ticket.

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  1. Ramjattan has always been a scamp... Something about this man signals selfishness, greed and corruption to me. The AFC needs some serious restructuring and strategic planning within the affairs of their "dooms day" Party. Rhamjattan just looking to full his pocket, and the way things going it appears as if he is willing to achieve this at any cost... Then with the PNC/R Granger is a old crook who has no leadership qualities… The most promising Party as always is the PPP/C, especially with the excellent selection of Donald Ramotar as their candidate who possesses all the necessary eminences of the perfect leader for this country.