Wednesday, April 20, 2011


The People's National Congress Reform and Alliance for Change are to merge for the 2011 national and regional elections but a senior AFC Executive believes Ramjattan may be the only hurdle to making this possible. He (Ramjattan) is hell-bent on making the AFC a roar movement by recruiting too much of the indo-centric extremist,'' the AFC Executive told Liveinguyana.

Many AFC members see Ramjattan as an hindrance to that party's strive to obtain more votes than it did in 2006, noting at the rate the party is going they may merely get two seats in the national assembly. ''........Remember Ramjattan only brought in two votes from Berbice, his hometown in the last elections,'' the source reminded.

At a US meeting Trotman the AFC had admitted it could not win the elections but insist it would be aiming for a few seats in parliament.

It is widely speculated that Ramjattan and David Granger's ego may not allow either of them to trade their presidential ambition as a consensus. ''.......Granger from day one is stubborn on this issue by first saying he is from the largest opposition party and subsequently, the pncr members did not elect him to be second fiddle,' the source reminded.

The parties could end up go it alone and already Peter Ramsaroop fallout from the movement though he is among the least to worry over. Ramsaroop does not have a known constituency as the two the two other parties with whom the pncr said it was coalition with namely NFA and GAP.

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