Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Canada-based Guyanese donate 400 laptops to Education Ministry

The Ministry of Education yesterday received 100 laptops from two Canada-based Guyanese businessmen. The men also promised a further 300 within weeks.
Alan Zakhir and his business partner, Chris Sammy, made the presentation yesterday to Minister of Education, Shaik Baksh, during a ceremony at the NCERD building, yesterday.
Minister Baksh lauded the efforts of the businessmen. He said that the donation was very timely given the Ministry and the government’s drives to make information technology available to all Guyanese.
Baksh said that since he took up office as Education Minister he has been pushing for better Information Technology in schools.
He noted that today he is proud to say that many of the Ministry’s vision have been realised.
Baksh noted that while the Ministry is moving toward having the 110 secondary schools in Guyana equipped with computer laboratories, there is also the need for teachers to be trained in the same field.
Efforts are being made to set up Information Technology laboratories at the Cyril Potter College of Education and at the University of Guyana.


  1. Thanks to the doner of these laptops and I know they will be utillized in a useful manner due to the capable heads in the Ministry of Education.

  2. this is indeed a great effort made by these two businessmen in donating these computers...most people have the notion that when guyanese people leave this country they don't look back..but boi are they wrong. citizens abroad see that this country has potential and the government is trying its best to develop Guyana therefore they see it best to assist in whatever way they can.

  3. The Government has being doing so great with the development in this country of this country and the strengthening of the education sector being one of the major priority that it has attract these Canadian to invest into the Future of Guyanese children.

  4. We must give much thanks to this Guyanese who came and made this well appreciated gift to help the education ministry give schools in the hinterland access to the internet.