Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kwayana silent during some of the most violent, extremist and hateful journalism being practised by his friends.

Dr Randy Persaud: PLEASE allow me to respond to a long list of unfair criticisms from Mr. Eusi Kwayana (Dr. Persaud’s response…Stabroek News 4.4.11). I shall, of course, commence by stating that I have long acknowledged Mr. Kwayana’s contribution to Guyana, and must insist that his ganging-up with the Bulkans against me does not change that.
That said, Mr. Kwayana should not be given an automatic pass every time he commits an error. And he should certainly not be nonchalantly absolved when he intervenes in a debate (if one might call it that) on behalf of anti-PPP activists who are ideologically opposed to the government or who might be pushed by private grievances.
Simply put, Eusi Kwayana’s intervention is not neutral.

Eusi Kwayana

Let us get a few things straight. For the past several years Kwayana has stayed silent during some of the most violent, extremist, and hateful journalism in the history of the Caribbean. Most of these murderous pieces were written by men who Mr. Kwayana has publicly praised. Never once did he come out and ask for a bit of fairness and balance. Many of the pieces were directed at me, and most had no basis in reality. Where was the magnanimous Mr. Kwayana then?
I stand by my comments on Arif Bulkan’s article. Mr. Bulkan clearly made offensive statements about poor people in Guyana when he implied that it is unsightly to see those without indoor plumbing brushing their teeth in public. Freddie Kissoon has made similar comments about people who live in Richmond Hill, New York. It is unacceptable that a human rights lawyer like Bulkan would take such a position. Kwayana should ask Arif Bulkan to apologise, rather than poke at me.
I see Mr. Kwayana’s intervention as nothing other than siding with some elite people who spend their time bad mouthing Guyana in Barbados, or on such other things as discouraging Norway to pay Guyana the US$40 million due by agreement.
Eusi Kwayana has made a contribution to Guyana, but he is still biased when it comes to issues of fairness in the media. More often than not, he tends to side with anyone who goes against the PPP government. Sorry, comrade, but I must say you are wrong on this one.

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