Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mark Benschop and his agents of terror threaten to kidnap Minister's kids.

Mark Benschop

Police are probing hate mail including threats to kidnap the two American-born children of Agriculture Minister, Robert Persaud. Police Commissioner, Henry Greene confirmed to that Persaud filed a police complaint. He said the police are conducting investigations with a view to trace the origin of the mail that included photos of the Minister's five-year old girl and three-year old boy.

Asked whether security has been beefed up for the Agriculture Minister, the Police Commissioner said Persaud has not made any request. MinisterPersaud told members of the media that since receiving the mail at home and at his Regent Street office, he has notified the United States embassy here.

This latest act of terror comes on the heels of the publication of pictures of the Minister's children by a website owned and operated by Mark Benschop. On his online radio programme Benschop could be heard telling his viewers "these people don't know that we can reach over their shoulders and touch them at anytime" whilst making slanderous remarks about the Minister and his family. Benschop's operations are funded by US based drug lord, Tookie Van Rossum, who supplied the 'Fineman' gang with arms, ammunition and financial resources.

Benschop is also connected to several shady characters that includes known criminals from the South Georgetown area. One such person confessed a few months back that Benschop had paid him and another man $35,000 to accompany him as thugs during a visit to Kwame Mc Coy's house in Diamond on the EBD.


  1. Benschop is a real criminal who needs to be put away for his unlawful acts..i cant believe he paid a very young boy to assist in his dirty work..that shows he dosent care about no one else but him self...

  2. There need to be a serious stop to Mark Benschop and these gangs that he operate.I dont think that anyone in there right sense that love Guyana for the country that it is should support this man in the distruction of this country.

  3. Mark is a lunatic with npo good intention other than to distrpy this great country of ours with his hatered for the current government.

  4. They need to taken this matter with seriousness since election is just a few months away and MB and his criminal gang will be out on the prowl to cause havoc this man need to put away so that his terror gang would collapse and the people who are funding it also.

  5. Mark is the type of person that you need to have a close eye on just to catch him in his act of destruction.