Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sasenarine Singh lacks moral fortitude to criticise PPP/C

TODD MORGAN: Reference is made to recent letters published in the media and purportedly written by one Sasenarine Singh. In his letters, he spoke about the cries of Guyana’s children, especially those abused and assaulted. He blamed this on the PPP/C and labelled the party and government as uncaring.

It is important to note that, while it is acknowledged that Mr. Sasenarine Singh and any other Guyanese are free to express themselves and share their views in a public space, at the same time they should not be allowed to distort the facts and disseminate half truths.

First of all, this man and his other cohorts who are just trying to gain political mileage for the AFC or whichever party he claims to represent, needs to come back to earth and stop writing from space.

The fact is that everyone knows that sexual assault against children and generally sexual abuse exist in all parts of the world and long before the PPP/C took office.

The actual fact is that after the PPP/C took office, society became more aware of these issues via education by the government and the media.

The countless initiatives and policies instituted by the PPP/C government are also responsible for many of the perpetrators of these acts to be brought before the legal system. This has resulted in Guyana being the leader in the Caribbean and Latin America on Child Protection policies.
Mr. Singh, like Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan, is so out-of-touch and blinded by their ignorance that they cannot see that these are issues which are receiving worldwide attention, particularly by the United Nations (UN) bodies. Yet they argue non-issues and always misrepresent the facts.
It still boggles my mind to a great extent and it’s quite amazing that a man like Sasenarine Singh has the nerves to talk about issues of immorality which he claims exist in the PPP/C and it is this same individual who was accused by a businessman of being involved in corrupt acts while employed by the National Milling Company.
It is my advice to Mr. Sasenarine Singh and his cohorts to stay clear of any comments/criticisms of the PPP/C since they clearly lack the moral fortitude.

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  1. It’s amazing at the type and history of the people that readily criticize the works of the PPP Government of Guyana. More so, it’s even more interesting because I know for sure if it were another party running this country they would not have firstly got the jobs they have and secondly, would not have enjoyed the freedom they are experiencing presently. Sasenarine is just an idle chap with a lot of waste time on his hands clearly, who desperately needs some attention…