Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Granger denies PNC rigged successive elections since 1968

-there's no evidence that they were rigged-Granger

PPP protests rigged elections by the PNC

In an interview with Neil Marks, published in the Kaieteur News on Sunday April 10th, when questioned about the rigging of elections by successive PNC governments since 1968 its 2011 presidential candidate, former army officer and military liaison to Forbes Burnham, David Granger was reluctant to admit the elections under Burnham were rigged.
“I don’t have evidence that they were rigged,” Granger said in the interview.
“You’ll have to look at the record. The record as far as the PPP is concerned is that the elections were rigged. I’ve heard people say that; I personally never rigged anything.”
Granger's comments/denial are surprising given that with the release early in 2005 of some of the State Department's declassified documents on Guyana for the period 1964-1968, PPP's charges have now become proven facts backed up by the State Department's own documents. (See: Foreign Relations, 1964-1968, Volume XXXII, Dominican Republic; Cuba; Haiti; Guyana)

A memorandum prepared for the 303 Committee on a progress report on "Support to Anti-Jagan Political Parties in Guyana" and dated 5 June 1968 set out clearly the plan by Burnham to rig the forthcoming elections. The relevant part of this document stated:

"[less than 1 line of source text not declassified] representatives met with Prime Minister Forbes Burnham in late April to discuss operational matters related to the electoral campaign. At this meeting Burnham stated unequivocally that he plans to conduct the registration and voting in such a manner that the PNC will emerge with an absolute majority in the Guyana National Assembly. Burnham said that he will never again allow the life of his government to depend upon his coalition partner Peter D'Aguiar and that if the voting should turn out in such a manner that he could not form a government without the help of D'Aguiar, he would refuse to form a government. Burnham said that he plans to register 17, 18, 19 and 20 year old PNC adherents (minimum voting age is 21 years) to make up part of the vote he needs and will direct his campaign in such a way as to attract enough additional East Indian voters to put the PNC approximately on a par with the PPP in Guyana. The additional votes he would need to give the PNC an absolute majority would come from the overseas Guyanese.


  1. They are evidence that support that the PNC did indeed rigged the 1963 election in Guyana.Granger you cant hide the truth.

  2. Even down to the smallest child in Primary School can tell you at least a touch up on the PNC rigging elections in history. There are numerous articles and papers done on these events by credible academic sources, available in books, journals, websites, etc. Therefore, it can be suggested that Granger and his PNC confederates are trying in various forms and fashion to rid their already “dead” Party of smelling daisy from the root. But wait, so Granger finally gets to speak but we still see him acting as a mouth piece for Corbin by regurgitating everything Corbin feeds him to say even if it makes no sense.

  3. Granger trying to produce himself has a peach its clear that the PNC rigged the election and you was apart of it.So don't come like you don't know.

  4. The PNC rigged the election in this time man Granger it got the facts out there so stop with the bull you was part of it too.