Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lincoln Lewis' abusive behaviour towards women should also come under scrutiny.

Lincoln Lewis took a female companion of his in the Le Repentir Cemetery and inflicted a severe beating on her.

Lincoln Lewis of the Guyana Trade Union Congress on Monday weighed in on the selection of Donald Ramotar as the governing Peoples Progressive Party’s (PPP) presidential candidate for the 2011 polls by saying his stewardship as party leader, Member of Parliament, and lead decision maker of the government’s policies must come under scrutiny.
“He cannot escape responsibility for the degeneracy of this society,” Lewis said.

However, Lewis cannot also escape responsibility for a rise in the level of physical abuse being perpetrated against women in Guyana especially given his well documented penchant for dishing out 'blows' to those of the opposite sex.
Lewis has a history of abusive behaviour towards women and this also should come under scrutiny as domestic abuse reaches new heights.


  1. MR Lewis needs to have is abuse history address and deal with the issue that he have with women.He is always abusing women for no particular reasons and have the nerve to put Mr Ramotar under scrutiny.

  2. MR Lewis what is this obsession that you have with abusing women? Were you abuse as a child ,or did your father Abuse your Mother when you were a child?