Saturday, April 23, 2011

Man confesses to sodomizing Benschop while in prison

Ingraham Lashley

Ingraham Lashley, also known as 'cock up' is an ex convict who served a lengthy jail sentence after being found guilty in 1987, for murder committed during a robbery. However, what is interesting is that in an interview with this blog he told us that he shared a cell with former Treason accused Mark Benschop in 2003, and confessed to forcibly sodomizing him. He said on the first occasion it happened Benschop cried for days but after it became routine. He said he was really in love with Benschop and was left a very dejected man when Benschop was moved to solitary confinement by prison authorities.


  1. It is a fact that Benschop was taking a lot of buggering in prison.
    I think the reason he is after Kwame is that he want Kwame to bugger him he miss "cock up"

  2. Hahaha!! This is the same reason his wife left him when he came out of prison cause of his relationship which he had while in prison but people often think is was a slander but the facts are here....LOL!!

  3. IT is evident that Mark was bugger while he was in prison for the mere fact that he is always busing the Government official and he could not longer satisfy his wife or be satisfy by her after being release which cause the split between them.