Saturday, April 9, 2011

Aurora gets $250M, 5500-acre Land Development Scheme.

President Jagdeo flanked by Donald Ramotar, Minister Jennifer Westford and Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud at the Aurora meeting yesterday

President Bharrat Jagdeo, during a meeting yesterday at the Aurora Primary School in Essequibo, Region Two, announced that government has committed $250M towards the commencement of the Aurora Land Development Scheme. The 5500-acre scheme is a major development project to facilitate land cultivation from Good Hope to Riverstown.
This will create a huge impact on the community given the amount of land that will be made available for productive use by residents of the targeted communities.
President Jagdeo stated that once the design for the project is completed and reviewed by the stakeholders, the tendering process will begin immediately.
According to President Jagdeo, the $250M will take the project a far way so that in another year it can be completed.
However the Head of State outlined one condition that residents will have to fulfil, and that is to provide assurance that the land will be distributed fairly and the people who have needs will be given access to the land.
“I want to make sure that we have a decent distribution system, therefore, government will be overseeing the process thoroughly,” he said.
The president also stated that the input of residents is necessary for the success of the project.
An additional $225M has also been set aside for the procurement of equipment for road maintenance across the regions. Each region will be given a bulldozer to maintain its farm-to-market roads.
He explained that $500M has been committed for the two initiatives; and although the entire sum could have been utilised on the Land Development Scheme, this would not have been fair to the farmers across the regions who have difficulty transporting their produce because of the condition of the roads.

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