Monday, April 4, 2011

Kaieteur News selectivism and thrust for sensational stories exposed by Justice of Peace association

The operations of Kaieteur News has come under scrutiny again and this time after its refusal to carry news items related to the activities of the Justice of the Peace and Commissioners of Oaths association.
The association is claiming that matters of importance to the public are being ignored by Kaieteur News since they are not critical of the government nor sensational and will not fuel newspaper sales.
As recent as March 12th the organisation held elections for office bearers and though a Kaieteur News reporter was present nothing was carried by the newspaper. Several reports personally delivered by prominent members of the association were not carried either or ignored all together.


  1. KN news only seek to publish articles in which they can mislead the public on information about the government or tarnish the name of the President of this country.

  2. People are becoming to notice KN style of reporting which is causing some confusion when the truth is put out there its time that people take action against this news media for sensational of stories.

  3. Glen Cocaaine/Backtracker Lall, Freddie ShitFace Kissoon and Adam Monkeyface Harris are three criminals working at kaieteur News and using the paper to slander people who they do not like.
    Glen Cocaine Lall believes he owns the police force and can do whatever he likes because he is close to fatman Henry Greene.