Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Coalition talks flop- Ramsaroop pulls out .

-selfishness and thirst for political power hinders progress of movement

Talks by the opposition which centered around their aim to contest general elections under one slate have collapsed even before any such moves actually got off the ground. Yesterday Peter Ramsaroop, formerly of the PNC, Vision Guyana and AFC, whose constituency remains unknown, announced his withdrawal form the talks listing several reasons.
A few weeks ago Rupert Roopnarine of the now defunct WPA expressed his frustrations with the pace of these talks and the inability of these individuals to come to any concrete agreement as well as their failure to coin a vision for any movement that may arise out of these talks.

We have learnt that selfishness and thirst for political power are among the reasons behind the lack of consensus on a potential Presidential candidate for this grouping. Particularly with the PNCR's insistence that it being the largest Opposition party should provide the Presidential candidate much to the disagreement of the other smaller parties.


  1. It should be evident by now to the Guyanese public that the AFC members are not in this race to further protect and build this nation but instead for personal gains. What is more shameful is that they are fighting amongst themselves for their own selfish desires in which burns ever so constant in their hearts. The AFC has always been and will always be the party that is “Always Full of Corruption”.

  2. Who is Peter Ramsaroop?

  3. elections is right around the corner and on to now these people cant make up their minds about nothing that is beneficial to their campaign. As an outsider i see no hope for them in 2011 elections. they should BY NOW realized the same.