Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It took the Norwegian Minister less time to announce the release of US$40M into GRIF .

-than to read the thrash contained in the letter by "gang of 22"

Ashton Simon: Janette Bulkan’s writings on the LCDS, REDD+ and GRIF has been turning a wheel of destruction, desperation, disgruntle and short sightedness. Her ambitions to scuttle and undermine gains by hard working people show how unpatriotic one can get.
I am not sure what has triggered her assault on the LCDS, her motive can’t be to become President or Prime Minister of this country, candidly very few, maybe the listing that she identify herself with will vote for her then she can have a free reign to release the New River Triangle to Suriname.
Her negative outlook to programmes that will impact positively on the Guyanese society is not a credible model to follow. If I were a Guyanese seeking an alternative to LCDS and Janette Bulkan was to impress me on the way forward I will be thoroughly mis-lead.
Her family benefited through bountiful returns from forest product sales and trade which helped educate them to be credible members of society. Does she not realise this? Her ‘Protectorate’ position for Amerindians comes as a surprise.
Seeking to destroy hard work and earnings of others is the thought and strategy of a ‘jealous and small minded’ individual. I have worked hard and will not be intimidated to surrender any of my gains because narrow minded people rant over non-issues.
As an individual, I should not even comment on her eight-point open letter to Minister Solheim, but I need for her to see the light. Here under are three very strong pointers why one should not even venture into her eight dismal points.
Stabroek News, Friday, April1, 20011 page 8 “Norway releases another US$40M into GRIF”
Guyana Chronicle Friday, April 1, 2011 page 3 “LCDS projects to translate into reality this year – as Norway announces US$40M forest funds this year$. Extract “Guyana has greater influence than any other country its size on climate talks”, Minister Solheim.
Guyana Chronicle Friday, April 1, 2011 page 7 “Forest Products Association responds to open letter to Minister Solheim” para 3.. extract – “Further as a critical forest resource stakeholder, we support any initiative such as the LCDS which adds greater value to our natural resources in a manner that benefits our nation”.
It took Minister Solheim less time than one might take to read through Janette Bulkan’s eight points to announce the release of US$40M into GRIF.
The LCDS stands out as a beneficial programme for the Amerindians as it opens new opportunities for them, it also serves them right to develop their own development path not to exploit them. Every issue related to Amerindians is being addressed.
The notion that until land, mining, logging and other issues are fixed to pave a way to begin development programmes for indigenous peoples is short sightedness.
If those are considered to be genuine development drivers for indigenous peoples it will drift them back to the stone ages. As the saying goes “while the grass grows the cows starve” and we cannot afford that. In every development strategy there must be some form of compromise, a give and take situation.
If Janette wants to be helpful and project her brilliance she can join the LCDS process but not try to be an expert for indigenous peoples when she may have never eaten an ‘Aiga’ or ‘Ulaleek’. Don’t hide behind the word ‘Anthropology’ it gave you an insight into Indigenous culture etc. it did not make you their expert, they are their own experts.
Stop this negative politicking as it will not serve Guyana well. One should not criticise for criticism’s sake. Why does Janette do that? Because of dislike for a government, the President, the LCDS programme or Office of Climate Change Staff? We all need to work together to make Guyana better.

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