Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why was there no call for shared governance prior to 1992?

For Eric Phillips to defend what his cohort said he must be seen as a collaborator. What the 1823 slave rebellion has to do with Guyana and Guyanese when Tacuma Ogunseye was talking about shared governance in Guyana?

Who Eric Phillips is trying to fool? Indeed, Walter Rodney lost his life while fighting for social justice for Guyanese of all races and Tacuma Ogunseye spent years in jail for this same principle, fighting for all races in Guyana, especially the downtrodden.
Eric Phillips, did Cheddi and Mrs. Jagan not spend time in jail for social justice for all too, mostly for African Guyanese?

Again Eric Phillips who are you trying to fool saying ACDA has not endorsed any winner-take-all elections and never will. ACDA has, for the last 19 years, beginning with its foundation documents which were written by Eusi Kwayana in 1992, called for shared governance.

Eric Phillips why only from 1992 to present day you and your ACDA, Eusi Kwayana and PNC are calling for shared governance?

What are all of you hiding? What is the agenda since none of you ever called for shared governance prior to 1992?

All of you should be ashamed of yourselves in talking about "winner takes all at the polls" Go to South Africa and Zimbabwe and tell them that.

T. King: Where were your loud roaring voices when loser PNC took all and then some at the polls?
Oh, I forgot. Back in the PNC’s hey days, it used to be "loser takes all" and all Guyanese had no other choice but to live with it and deal with it.

Phillips said: “ACDA does not see how any elections under this system can be free and fair or free of fear.”
Phillips, were elections under PNC misrule free and fair and free of fear from the other side?

Stand up and tell the Guyanese nation how many citizens of Guyana were killed, murdered, slaughtered by the GDF from 1992 to present day trying to protect ballot boxes.

Eric Philips first you must go and tell the people of South Africa and Zimbabwe that their electoral systems are not fair and that the white man must share governance with the blacks.

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  1. When the PNC was in power of this country and was allowing this Guyana to sink in the gutter there was no opposition that was looking for share governance then.Now Guyana has the PPP as Government of this country and is doing a great job at development and putting Guyana on the map there is call for share Governance.The people that are calling for share Governance need to reflect on the past before trying to start massive cacaos in this country.