Friday, June 25, 2010

5 men linked to CN Sharma found with court documents

And in another twist to the CN Sharma rape saga Police are investigating the tampering of Court files related to the carnal knowledge case against the Presidential hopeful and leader of the JFAP.

Five men, two of whom are believed to be linked to CNS channel 6 have been discovered with Court files and a list of names of possible witnesses in the CN Sharma case which is before the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.

Reports are also circulating about a video allegedly containing footage of CN Sharma along with one of his employees contacting witnesses in the matter.


  1. Sharma will be freed simply because he has brilliant lawyers. Shalimar Ali-Hack, the DPP and Sanjeev Datadin cannot even clean Vic Puran's shoes or Nigel Hughes Boots.
    Sharma knows how to tamper with court documents.

  2. The Police should just jail deh rass. Afta all dem thing Sharma do to dem poor lil chirren he got the nerve to send these fools to spread his propaganda.

  3. Sharma is playing with some serious jail time, first he tried to tamper with the witness, then his staff and his son in law attempted to bribe the victims, this was followed by the Benchop intervention, all of these developments are being examined with a fine teeth comb by the courts.

  4. sharma is wicked he should be seriously be punished fawt he did to them lil girls and then he will know how it feel in an uncopremising position where u cant do anything for yourself