Friday, June 11, 2010

GT BLUETOOTH: Churaumanie just like “chourai” bhaghee

Churaumanie Bissundyal

Since Churaumanie, better known as “Choura”, mek known he miasmic likeness, people Bluetoothing plenty things. He get expose just like “saint” Paul. After plenty years of silence, he raise up like Lazarus after Uncle Freddie filthy encounter. One seh how de filth act like sweet smelling salts waking he up.

Another one seh how “Choura” is a known “sajeewang” who does tek one bottle just to warm up and that he alcoholic stream contaminated with specks of haemoglobin. De days in de Kitty rum shop years ago are not forgotten. Plenty seh how he like to “pampasette” heself with he fake Doctor paper fooling people that he is a PHD. De place that give he de paper get close down fuh meking a man a “doctor” who write ‘bout heself.

He now resort to begging fuh money pun de internet. He friends seh that he accustom to begging since de days when he used to hang around de House of Freedom and de late Aunty Janet fuh money. One Blouetoother seh de man gat fuh beg to pay off de US$64,000 he owe. That is why he going back to school at de age of sixty so he could qualify fuh a student loan to pay de debt!

A Bluetoother that was trying to compare “Choura” with something else could only come up with “chourai” bhaghee. It wild and does want to “feed” pun de “food” of other bhaghees. Another one responded and seh “Choura” and “chourai” bhaghee gat a lot in common. It tek s**t fuh attract dem and fuh dem to “bloom”. It look like since he wake up he really turn a PHD; a Pathetic Human Distorter. Hmmm!

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  1. GT Bluetooth must do lil more research and dig up more muck about Churamani. Bluetooth will get loads of Churamani muck. People will then see fo demself why Churamani rush to brace Freddie.