Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sharma Just Doesn't Give up

As if it wasn't enough that he is already before the courts charged for rape and his son in law and some of his staff are also before the courts for attempting to bribe the victims, he has now in collusion with non other than former treason accused Mark Benschop in paying out G$20 Million to the victims for their silence in giving evidence. Benschop continues in his blatant attempt at breaking the law and it seems there is no stopping him.


  1. It's as if I have a crystal ball in front of me showing of all the future events as clear as day in relation to the faith of partners in crime Benschop and CN Sharma.... Benschop will get himself in some serios 'doodoo' with the law and that same Sharma going to go through real hell for his deeds. Like the saying says..."moon a run till day ketch am"

  2. Sharma can't scamper from the fact that he is definitely guilty. If one had doubts about his faith before, it is no longer so due to his continuous endeavour to escape castigation by the hands of the law by way of passing bribes to key individuals. If not now, sooner or later he will get what's coming to him, a good sentencing. As to Mark, how long will that money he collected going to last? And on top of that when he gets caught, I’m sure he won’t be that bothered due to him being quite familiar to the place where he’ll be headed... only this time for a very very long time...