Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Benschop uses shot school child's funeral to call for the over-throw of the government.

Local political whores Mark Benschop and Freddie "Miasmic Mess" Kissoon used the funeral ceremony of 16-year-old Kelvin Fraser, on Monday to campaign and call for the present government's overthrow. As usual Freddie cussed the PPP, GPF, Bharrat Jagdeo, God and everybody else that came to his mind whilst urging all in attendance to support Benschop's Independent Party at the upcoming elections. Benschop for his part urged the audience to support him and his efforts to over-throw the democratically elected PPP/C government whilst remarking that "we have to fight back. His death cannot go in vain".

1 comment:

  1. These two always uses other people problem to paint a picture has if they care .Now this is a time of grief and these two are talking about over throwing the government that the same reason MB was put in jail.Yea what happen to the youngster was wrong but MB and Freedie need to stop taking advantage of other people misdemeanor.