Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dudus captured, Cocaine Chris still free.

Christopher 'Dudus' Coke

Lalbachan Christopher 'Cocaine Chris' Ram

CHRISTOPHER 'Dudus' Coke — Jamaica's most wanted fugitive — was captured yesterday afternoon in a police dragnet along the Mandela Highway in St Catherine.

The capture of Coke, who is wanted by United States authorities to answer drug-trafficking and gun-running charges, comes just short of a month after he escaped from his former stronghold of Tivoli Gardens in West Kingston when the security forces stormed the community to execute an arrest warrant on him and restore order after gunmen loyal to him barricaded all entrances to Tivoli and launched unprovoked attacks on the State.

Coke was travelling in a car with the Rev Al Miller when he was held at approximately 4:00 pm at a motor vehicle spot check set up by the police who apparently had information that he would be travelling on that road yesterday. However, Guyana's version of 'Dudus', Lalbachan Christopher 'Cocaine Chris' Ram remains free to roam the streets.

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  1. The US should hurry and send for him so we can get rid of this asshole and lets have a good country without he and his friends.....