Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Peter Ramsaroop cancels his AFC membership

-Cites Ramjattan's reluctance to forge alliance with PNC/R as his reason

Former Chief Executive Officer of the Alliance for Change, Peter Ramsaroop, has cancelled his membership with the party.
This was confirmed by party Chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan, who yesterday, during a press briefing, said that Ramsaroop was no longer an official member of the party.

Peter Ramsaroop

Peter Ramsaroop

He said that Ramsaroop asked to have his membership with the party cancelled.
Party Leader Raphael Trotman was also forced to explain to media operatives that Ramsaroop was not forced by the party in no way to resign.
The information of the resignation of Ramsaroop as party CEO was effected some time before but only surfaced with allegations of Nicole Ming that he had planted cameras in her apartment and was spying on her.

When asked yesterday if the AFC would forge an alliance with Ramsaroop, Ramjattan said that as long as his vision fits the criteria of what the AFC was looking for then they would work with him.
Ramsaroop, when contacted for a comment said that the reason he cancelled the membership with the AFC was because “they do not support a United Opposition which MUST include the PNC.”
He said that Ramjattan’s statement that he will never work with the PNC is a slap in the face of good people of the party.
“We must forge a united opposition that puts the dictatorship PPP government out, nothing less will do…The AFC on its own cannot win an election…I will work again with the AFC when we all sit at the table, including the PNC, and determine a way forward along with Civil Society.”
He said that the AFC must learn to have a vision of power in order to attain the ability to do the things they want.
“Working for a few seats in Parliament is not my idea of changing Guyana since the Constitution allows for the winner take all system.”
Ramsaroop also said that he does not feel that Ramjattan displays the leadership skills needed to be the Presidential Candidate and the rejection by the masses over the years puts the AFC now in a catch up position since the nomination has been announced.

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