Tuesday, June 29, 2010

'Big Seeds' again tries to prevent Amaila Falls Hydro Project from becoming a reality

Ramon 'Big Seeds' Gaskin has moved, once again, to the High Court to challenge for a second time to quash Government’s decision to award a $15M USD contract to Synergy Holdings Inc. for the design and building of a road from Linden to Amaila Falls to facilitate the construction of a planned 230 KV transmission line.
The motion was filed on the grounds that the decision and award were made in breach and disregard of articles 212W and 212FF of the constitution, the Procurement Act 2003 Act No. 8, and cites the Minister of Public Works and National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) as the respondents.
'Big Seeds', on June 10, through his attorneys Senior Counsel Rex McKay, Fitz Peters, Neil Boston and Christopher Ram, had previously moved to the court for an order directed to the two respondents to show cause why a writ of certiorari should not be issued to quash the decision made by the government to award the Synergy Holdings Inc. the contract.
They had also sought an order prohibiting the Minister of Public Works and Communication and the Executive Director of NICIL from taking any step or further steps in connection with the said contract awarded to Synergy Holdings Inc.
Gaskin had contended that the Government, the Ministry of Public Works and Communication, and NICIL did not conduct the tender process for the Amaila Falls project in accordance with and under the mandatory provisions laid down in the Procurement Act and regulations, and was in breach of the constitutional intendment for transparency and fairness.
That matter was heard by Acting Chief Justice Ian Chang on June 15 and June 16, who refused to grant the order that he sought on several grounds.
The Chief Justice had refused to grant the initial order, making reference to, among other things, that the applicant’s primary motive for making the application appeared to have been a genuine disapproval of the personality of the successful bidder.
The Chief Justice had pointed out that Section 30 of the Procurement Act reveals nothing that prohibits a procuring entity from authorising an agency such as NICIL, to act on its behalf.

'Big Seeds' has a history of disruptive behaviour. In the early 90s the PPP/C government was forced to remove 'Big Seeds' as the head of GPL after several protests by workers who alleged racism on his part. 'Big Seeds' was accused of firing only persons belonging to a certain ethnic grouping.
In 2009 he was part of a group that included Christopher 'Cocaine Chris' Ram which sought to destabilize the New Building Society. They were later made to look like the fools they are after account holders refused to buy into their ploy.


  1. Why is this man trying to stop a major development from taking place ,it seems that these are the set of people who don't like to see a country progress under great leadership just because the party he support couldn't have made that achievement...........

  2. 'Big Seeds' is one of those people one would term ‘bad mind’, one of those that don't want to see progress and growth at the hands of this Government. As long as the Government makes significant strides in promoting and fostering micro and macro economical development, there will always be those ‘haters’ on the sidelines that will try to hinder such movements and will also try their best to make it fall or even try to make the Government look bad.

  3. At one time he was gravitating towards the PPP and suddenly he made a U turn, one can only guess that like other former disgruntled political opportunists he couldn't get his way and so resorted to a tirade of negative outbursts at the Government.