Friday, June 4, 2010

Meet the 'Lil Dons'


  1. Yup the three stooges, they look alot like daddy's little dumplings. Underneath it all is filled with daddy's drug money.

  2. It is amazing that Christopher Ram presents himslef as the epitome of virtue going around the place lambasting every senior Governmental functionary causing undue to pain to their families. He did all of this unaware that he himself was fully integrated in the narco world by virtue of his relationship with Salim
    It is ok for Mr. Ram to live a billionaire's lifetsyle in Guyana made off of Guyanese, but something is terribly wrong for anyone else to aspire to such heights. Why can't the offspring of Government officials hold prestigious jobs?

    His son Christopher Jr. was known as a serial junkie in Miami. Ask any of the School of the nations people residing in Miami.

  3. Report them in Florida... jail their ass.. hate these lil drug dealer sons