Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Some men could really hold on pun a poll

GT Bluetooth: Bluetoothers seh dem can’t resist “bouncing” about de poll that meking Uncle Freddie and de rest of de “gang of five” happy. Dem Bluetoothing how one poll bring smiles to five men.

As a testimony to de freedom of expression all enjoy here, de five men openly in de press meking known how much dem like de poll. One Bluetoother seh how de five men ain’t gat shame cause long ago a man would shame fuh leh he mattie know that he like poll.

But times change. Is a democracy now. Anybody can seh anything. Just look how de “gang of five” does always buse up de guvment and then turn round and seh that de country not free. One Bluetoother who could’t seh “meow” when de Coconut Tree party was in guvment, seh how Uncle Freddie and he boys gat “two face”; dem busing and still sehing that dem can’t buse.

When other poll show that de guvment very popular and doing good, Uncle Freddie and de Roop and de All Fuh Crap people does want fuh know who de pollsters poll and does pronounce such polls as false. But soon as a poll, bogus as it is, seh something unfavourable ‘bout guvment, de same men dem does hold on strong strong pun de one poll fuh long long and don’t even ask who dem “cadres” poll.

Sometimes dem even poll-vaulting pun one another to hold on to de poll. But Uncle Randy ask dem a good question; who pay fuh de poll? Fuh dem to answer, dem will have to provide information which dem don’t have. Talk about exposure! De “two face” gang now turn “bareface”.

Another Bluetoother seh de exposure show how some men, like de “gang of five”, gat loyality; dem loyal to one poll. Convenient “faithfulness”? Hmmm!


  1. Soon has the truth start to come he run to the court to stop it but like they say the truth hurt is that's why he run to the court.....

  2. They hold on to the poll like some stripper that's the only them could hold on to to get them some kind of no hope.....n that's hope in nothing.