Thursday, June 10, 2010

Peter Wickham Rig-um is a skunt!

Peter Wickham: The recent comments attributed to the PPP/Civic government in its political manifestation which have labelled the March 2010 CADRES Guyana Poll as “bogus” are not entirely surprising. CADRES has been in the business of political opinion polling since 1990 and during this time has observed that political parties which do not perform favourably in our polls tend to pour scorn on CADRES at the level of the organisation, or on the individual who leads it in an attempt to distract the public from the message contained in the poll which is invariably a frank assessment of the political ‘state of play.’

QUESTION: Peter Wickham says CADRES has 20 years’ polling experience but he cited only four polls. What’s the total number of polls CADRES conducted in its 20 years of operations? What percentage of that total was accurate?

Contrary to CADRES’ suggestion, I don’t believe an alliance of opposition parties could defeat the PPP next year. Witness the public fault-finding and blame-throwing recently by the main players in “big tent” talks before the last elections. Another big tent alliance next year will collapse under the weight of those big ego opposition politicians even before the campaign heats up.

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