Monday, June 7, 2010

Even Opposition MPs had 'no confidence' in the no confidence motion brought against the Minister of Labour by one of their colleagues.

PNCR-1G’s shadow Labour Minister Basil William’s no confidence motion, tabled against PPP/C’s Labour Minister Manzoor Nadir, was decided on in the House, after a rather lengthy debate. As was expected the government side of the House roundly defeated the motion by a 34-20 majority. Maybe the Opposition will now cease their incessant clamourings.
But what is most striking is the amount of Opposition votes this motion received.

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  1. This just follows up from the stupid letter in the Chronic. The (ghost) writer stated: There is a total of 65 MPs, apportioned as follows: PPP/C-36; PNCR-1G 22; AFC-5; TUF-1; and GAP/ROAR-1. From this they concluded that a vote of 34-20 means the opposition did not vote in favor of the motion.

    By the same token, doesn't it mean that 2 PPP/C and the one TUF candidate voted in support of the motion?